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  • 24,83 €

    Light cotton jacket with buttons in the upper part of the chest.Cup and Chinese original shape.Colours: White with black collar.Size: 150 - 200 cm

  • 20,67 €

    Lightweight trousers, 65% polyester and 35% cotton with an elastic waistband 3 cm wide and extra laces, a back pocket. The bottom of the pants has elastic finishes.Black colorHeight: 160-200 cm

  • 21,92 €

    100% cotton pants with an elastic waistband 3 cm wide and extra laces, a back pocket. The bottom of the pants has elastic finishes.Black color Wash under 30 ° recommended.Size: 120 - 200 cm

  • 22,42 €

    100% cotton pants with an elastic waistband and additional lacing back pocket. The bottom of the pant has elasticized ankles. Black color Height: 160-200 cm

  • 9,58 €

    Traditional Lightweight kung fu slippers. Upper material cotton with thin synthetic lining. Thin, resilient rubber sole maintains barefoot feeling and provides non-slip stance. Recommended for indoor use. Colour: Black Sizes: 34 - 45

  • 17,92 €

    Shoes Kung Fu Chinese from North China. Nylon material very robust and glistening with Kung Fu sole, rubber / plastic vulcanized, fairly flat, yellow. A typical Chinese style yellow implementation is found on the side and on the heel. Black color. Size: 36-47.

  • 35,58 €

    Kung Fu uniform cut in Chinese style. Jacket and trousers made of 65% polyester / 35% cotton, black with white piping and white lapel sleeves. Supplied with a belt scarf. Closure of the jacket 5 traditional buttons. Kwon logo on the sleeve and pants. Black color Size: 120 - 200 cm

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  • 36,58 €

    Kung Fu Uniform. Composition: 65% polyester, 35% cotton. This Kung Fu Uniform  black with white traditional buttons is both light and durable and facilitates smooth movement. Supplied with a belt scarf. Black color. Height: 150-210 cm.

  • 27,50 €

    Top for chest protector "Coolguard". Its mesh structure allows better ventilation. Composition: 89% Tactel (polyester cotton appearance), 11% elastane (spandex). Without plastic shells. Black color. Size : S, M, L, XL.

  • 7,92 €

    Inlays for the chest guard "Cool Guard".   • two single hard plastic cups

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  • 32,08 €

    Large waterproof sports bag with two side pockets and a pocket on each end. Adjustable shoulder strap plus 2 handles. The design in two contemporary colors makes it unique Action bag. KWON printing. Color : black / light blue. Dimensions : 72 x 32 x 32 cm.

  • 16,58 €

    Bag made of nylon in two-colour look, with patch pocket on side, adjustable shoulder strap with adjusta-ble padding, two carry handles, KWON lettering. Colour: black/blue light.Dimensions : diameter 29 cm, length 52 cm.

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