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  • 15,50 €

    The Tokaido karategi model "SHOSHIN" is perfectly suited for children and young débutants.Ce light karategi affordable, is made of a breathable material with good resistance over time. Smooth.Pants with elastic waist.55% cotton and 45% polyester, approx. 220 g / m2.shrinkage rate: 5%.Items delivered: jacket, pants, white belt.

  • 59,08 €

    The Karate suit "KUMITE MASTER BIRD" WKF approved, is an incomparable quality Gi. Its ultra-light fabric makes it especially comfortable to wear and offers enough space for each movement. The ventilation zones placed at strategic places on the jacket and pants, allow it to stay dry during workouts or competitions.

  • 49,92 €

    The Karate suit Green Hill "OLYMPIC KATA" WKF approved, is perfectly suited for teenagers and adults confirmed to practice traditional karate or Katas. Its heavy and slamming tissue generates a unique sound. Japanese traditional model.

  • 49,08 €

    The karategi Green Hill "KATA INSTRUCTOR" is perfectly suited for teenagers and adults confirmed to practice traditional karate or Katas. The heavy fabric and slamming generates excellent sound. Japanese traditional cut.

  • 63,33 €

    This WKF approved karategi is specially developed for the kata. It is suitable for both training and competition. The Ultimate-Sound technology of this full uniform Karate ensures smooth movement of the body and develops an impressive acoustics. Japanese cut.

  • 35,83 €

    The Karategi Kwon "Competition" approved WKF is particularly suitable for training and competition. It is manufactured in a lightweight fabric (210 grams).Modern Kumite cut with long jacket and sleeves and extra long pant legs.

  • 17,08 €

    The Karategi Kwon "Seito PLUS" is a light product of excellent quality, the range CLUB LINE. Traditional and comfortable fit. It is ideal for beginners to advanced practitioners. The expertise of Kwon serving a karategi suitable for all levels.

  • 77,42 €

    The "Karategi Tokaido Kumite Master PRO" is made of lightweight polyester (150 g). Breathable mesh inlays are placed at strategic locations to stay dry during workouts and competitions. This excellent karate gi is perfect for trainers, competitors and passionate riders. It is officially approved WKF.

  • 180,83 €

    The "Kata Master PRO" karate gi is manufactured in Japan and sets new standards in terms of quality and wearing comfort. The special material generates an incomparable sound. An extremely tightly woven fabric of this karate uniform makes it appear lightweight. In addition, the innovative high-waist lacing offers unmatched legroom.

  • 43,08 €

    Karate uniform Kata TANAKA 10 oz. Kata traditional loose fit. Suitable for kata and traditional karate. Also ideal for the warmer months. Reinforced laced waist pants. Composition: 100% cotton. White Colour. Size: 130 to 200 cm.

  • 48,75 €

    ON ORDER ONLY An excellent Gi manufactured by Tokaido, made in a heavy fabric, slightly softened inside. It is durable and comfortable and very recommended for Jiu-Jitsu and Karate-Jutsu breathable fabric. Pants with a lace for tightening. Composition: 100% Cotton. Weight: 400 grams. White Colour.

  • 18,25 €

    Karategi / Vo Phuc in 55% cotton, 45% polyester, black, light,  ultra-resistant. High quality at the best price. Jacket traditional cut. Pants with elastic lace belt more. White belt included. Black color. Weight: 200 grams. Size: 110 - 200 cm.

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