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  • 37,42 € 22,52 €

    The judogi Green Hill model "CLUB" is the type of kimono for beginners practitioners to the green belt in judo. The quality of the fabric provides excellent resistance over time, no pre-washed cotton It almost does not shrink in the wash. Material: 100% high quality cottonFabric weight : 450 g / m2Use : kimono training and racingWhite Colour

  • 34,92 € 21,92 €

    Gi Dax model "Fuji" is ideal for all adolescents and adults from white belt to the blue belt. The jacket is reinforced at the shoulders, chest and setbacks. Pants, closing by laces, has a double stitching at the knees. Items delivered: jacket, pants, white belt

  • 3,75 €

    Dax competition belt. 8 seams. Easy to tie. 100% Cotton. Width about 4.5 cm.

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  • 3,75 €

    Dax competition belt. 8 seams Easy to tie. 100% Cotton. Width about 4.5 cm.

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  • 37,50 €

    Hakama black manufactured in Taiwan. Traditional Japanese cut ideally suited for the regular practice of Aikido and other Japanese martial arts. The specific form allows to hide the exact positions of the feet of the combatants. Cotton / polyester blend ensures great durability. 65% polyester, 35% cotton Black color. Very good value for money. Easy cleaning.

  • 10,92 €

    Groin protection for men. Removable plastic shell in a cotton holder. Elastic. Washable at 30 °. CE standards.

  • 36,33 €

    Hakama CLUB Black hakama with a Japanese cut perfectly suited for the practice of Aikido and other Japanese martial arts, Aîkbudo, Kendo, Iaido Kyudo ...Composition : 65% polyester, 35% cotton.Black colorSizes : 150-190

  • 16,58 € 7,78 €

    The Gi Green Hill model "KIDS" is the type of kimono perfectly suited for beginners children to first grade (orange or green belt). Material: 100% high quality cottonThe pants are made of twill Zean quality with double layer of cross stitch quilting over the knees. Pants with elastic waistband. Weight: 300 g / m2

  • 34,92 €

    ON ORDER ONLY. Indigo Kendo Jacketalso suitable for Aikido. Good stability and resistance. 100% cotton. Available in blue. slim fit jacket. blueSize 150-200 cm

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  • 32,08 €

    Large waterproof sports bag with two side pockets and a pocket on each end. Adjustable shoulder strap plus 2 handles. The design in two contemporary colors makes it unique Action bag. KWON printing. Color : black / light blue. Dimensions : 72 x 32 x 32 cm.

  • 16,58 €

    Bag made of nylon in two-colour look, with patch pocket on side, adjustable shoulder strap with adjusta-ble padding, two carry handles, KWON lettering. Colour: black/blue light.Dimensions : diameter 29 cm, length 52 cm.

  • 20,83 €

    Large bag in sturdy polyester, black with red trim, fitted on one side of a large zippered side pocket lined with a small pocket to scratch, and on the other side, a large pocket to scratch. It has, at each end, a zip pocket lined with a small pocket to scratch. It is provided with a shoulder strap and two handles. Dimensions: 79 x 35 x 35 cm.

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